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By becoming a Vendor member of the Pharmers’ Market community, you’ll be able to access our highly-receptive audience, knowledgeable VIP customers and devoted fans of Pharmers’ Market. Our customer-members love to shop online for the very best in cannabis, concentrates, edibles, topicals, CBD, psychedelics, and other premier dispensary products and merchandise. They browse and shop for themselves as well as buy gifts for family and friends. That is why we’re Canada’s top, go-to online sales site.

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By joining Pharmers’ Market you’ll embark on an intriguing new enterprise journey, meeting VIP customers, establishing stronger bonds, generating greater loyalty and increasing sales. Your affiliation with Pharmers’ Market could see your products featured amongst some of our best-in-class selection of top-brands and best-selling merchandise. We make selling easy while we build stronger and more dynamic customer relationships.

Ask about our Special Programs that help to introduce your products to an expanded new universe of online possibilities!

It’s the perfect time to introduce your products to the dedicated and discerning Pharmers’ Market universe. Pharmers’ Market offers several Vendor programs to highlight and increase your products’ visibility as well as opportunities to participate in trade activities designed to grow your customer base and increase revenues. Ask about our Vendor special programs and we’ll take you through the opportunities, techniques and methods available to ensure your products pop front and center in customers’ minds, hearts and pocketbooks.

Interested in Becoming a Vendor on Pharmers’ Market?

If you’re a cannabis producer, retailer or other type of organization, and are interested in discovering how to sell your products on Pharmers’ Market, please download our Vendor’s Agreement now. Please read through carefully and note all services, terms, conditions, obligations, and warranties. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by contacting us at:

We look forward to welcoming more Vendors to the Pharmers’ Market family. At, we want to ensure that both you and your customers enjoy a fun, safe and rewarding shopping experience.

Download this form Vendor Agreement for all the details about becoming a Vendor merchant, fill-in all of the required information, before submitting it to:

Please note requirements, conditions and prices may vary.

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